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Mammogram was normal, yeah! Got that one out of the way for another year. Next test is the last week of December, so I can focus on the holidays now.

It took forever at the mammo place this morning, apparently they had one room down and it set everything way back. I was there 2 hours from start to finish (but because they read them right there I don’t mind the waiting after the mammo is done).

God did it hurt! I swear it hurts worse each time. Ugh! But a necessary torture. I have a friend who swears it doesn’t hurt her. I mentioned this to the tech. She thought that was highly unusual. She must see a lot of grimaces and tears.

I went out to lunch with my friend afterwards, a belated bday lunch. I had something completely unhealthy. It’s hard to pick healthy things when you’re starving because you just spent the whole morning at the mammo place and was completely stressed out the whole time. I got a cornmeal crusted chicken cutlet, spinach, provolone cheese & hot pepper on a very fresh Italian long roll sandwich. Half the sandwich was a whole sandwich, so I ate half and brought the rest home for A. I took off the hot peppers but the bits and pieces that stayed made the sandwich hot here and there without being too hot. Until my last bite when a seed got on the back of my tongue. Oww! Not a good spot for such heat.

When I got home I had a few minutes to relax before going to get Z. at the bus stop. When I went outside it has started snowing! Big flakes and lots of them. Z. was excited when she got off the bus, she said “this was unexpected!”. It’s still snowing a bit out there tonight. It’s not really sticking much, a little in the backyard and bushes, but not on road surfaces. My kind of snow! Just stay off the roads and it can snow all it wants 🙂


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Bday part 2

So we ended up going to this new brewpub/pizza, I mean brewpub/flatbread place up the street for dinner. They make wood fire oven thin crust pizzas (that they call flatbreads) that were really, really good. I’m not really supposed to eat pizza with the whole watching the blood sugars thing, so if I do I want it to be really worth it. This was really worth it. Z. got a plain tomato sauce and cheese (made up by taking the basic pizza that you add your own toppings to, just not adding any toppings- the check called it a Lil’ Joe). We got the flatbread special of the night, it had asiago and mozzarella cheese, spinach, pine nuts, caramelized onions and nitrate free sausage. To die for really, it was that good. A. also ordered a house salad which I helped him eat a bit of, various lettuces with dried cranberries, nuts (pecans I think), pears and goat cheese. Yum! A. had one of the house brewed beers and I had a glass of wine (which has made me really sleepy which is why I am at the computer right now, hoping to stay awake a bit longer). We sat in the room with the wood fire oven which was nice to look at and kept us warm, it’s really cold out tonight and there was a bit of a draft coming through the front windows.

At home we had cake! Z. had the cupcake, and A. and I split the coconut cake. We’re saving the cake with the flower for tomorrow night. They were so good, we love and miss Isgro’s (although like the cheese, it’s better we don’t live so close anymore). Then I opened up my presents. Z. gave me a small embroidered zippered bag from Peru and a little ceramic Pokemon figure she made in ceramics at school (a Jigglypuff). A. gave me three pairs of earrings, a gorgeous alpaca scarf (also from Peru), a small bar of dark chocolate, a mug from Nepal, and two books (a novel and a cookbook).

A very contended birthday 🙂

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51st birthday!

Today is my 51st birthday. Not only did I make it to 50, but I made it another year and am still holding this cancer at bay. My next goal is to make it to 60 🙂

A. took the day off and we went out to lunch to a Vietnamese restaurant in our old neighborhood. There aren’t any Vietnamese restaurants around here and I really miss it, we really need to go down there more often. We had some summer rolls, split a Vietnamese hoagie and a country beef dish. Afterwards we went next door to the Asian supermarket and stocked up on boxes of loose gunpowder green tea (2 kinds, Special and Extra, I don’t know the difference but just made a mug of the Extra and it’s really, really good). For $5 I think I have enough for a year, maybe longer! We got a bag of those big tapioca pearls, and an assortment of fun Japanese candy for Z.’s Xmas stocking (including some Pokemon candies, I’m not even sure what the candy is, but she’ll be happy because it’s Pokemon and as long as it’s got sugar in it, the candy will be fine with her).

Then we took a walk through the Italian Market and stopped at our favorite cheese shop. Oh, it’s been a long time since we’ve been there too, and it was so tempting to buy the place out. We bought some smoked fresh mozzarella (theirs is so good), a tub of their Gorgonzola cheese spread, some aged Gouda and some other cheese that was really good and really expensive and I don’t remember the name of. Also some wine cured Alfonso black olives, one of my favorites. I really miss having that place nearby too, but it’s probably better that we have to make an effort to get there or we’d be eating way too much cheese.

From there we went to the Italian bakery that is literally around the corner from our old house. We were going to buy 3 vanilla cupcakes for my birthday tonight, but saw some tiny coconut cakes and vanilla cakes with pretty lavender flowers, so we got one of each and a cupcake for Z. Then we saw a marscapone eclair and decided to get one of those. We brought it home and made decaf cappuccinos and split it as our belated dessert/afternoon snack. Oh my, it was one of the best eclairs I’ve ever had.

A. just went out to pick up Z. at the bus stop. I have no idea what we’ll do tonight besides eat cake and open presents. Maybe we’ll go out to dinner, we’ll see how we feel. I’d prefer to eat light and save room for the cake!!

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Bdays and mammograms

This past Monday was my late sister’s bday, she would have been 46. I had a couple really bad nights with my back around that day, maybe that’s why. Next week is my 51st bday. Z. keeps asking me if I can have another party (last year we threw a big party but she was not invited and was supposed to stay upstairs with her cousins, she snuck down a lot of course), one where she is invited. No party planned this year, but A. has taken the day off work so the two of us can go out to lunch and do whatever (no plans yet). Two days later I have my annual mammogram. Not my favorite day of the year by far, but I have (bday) lunch plans with a good friend after I’m done to look forward to.

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Pain management

I realized that I was having more bad days than good days (or nights) when it came to my back (and hip and thigh) pain lately. So I decided to call the Fox Chase pain management center and make an appt. It’s not for 3 weeks though, but at least I called. I’m not really ready to try narcotics, but I can’t function this way either, so I’ll just see what they have to say and how they think they can help. I need to get the pain relieved before I can even do something as simple as stretching. I’m also contemplating going back to acupuncture, but finding a new acupuncturist. We’ll see, we’re heading into that busy and stressful time of the year for me which means I really should make time for it, but probably won’t.

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