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Z. was away at sleepaway camp for 2 weeks and we picked her up to bring her home yesterday. A. and I went to San Francisco for a few days the first week she was gone, we’ve been home about a week. Z. has been away before, but not for this long and not without my being able to pick up a phone and talk to her. Our communication consisted of me writing her emails (a special one way email service the camp contracts out with and you pay a fee to use, I used it at least once a day. The camp prints out the emails and gives them to them with the regular mail each day at rest time) or postcards (from SF) and she writing us the two letters (one each week) the camp makes them write home (they can write more of course, but that’s not Z.). Of course since we picked the girl up she’s been talking almost non-stop about everything at camp, so she’s making up for lost time.

So, definitely weird to have her gone, but I am thrilled that she had such a great time while she was there. She made friends, loved sharing a cabin with 12 girls and 2 counselors, had lots of crushes on boy counselors and older boy campers, made friendship bracelets, went swimming, played some soccer, loved the food, generally avoided anything messy (like the swamp stomping where they get covered in mud from head to toe), and made memories I’m sure she’ll remember forever. That’s about all I can write about her escapades as I’ve been told not to share pretty much all of the specifics.

Calvin the cat is quite happy too. First to have A. and I home after our being away for 6 days, and then to have the girl home, in spite of the overly affectionate tendencies she has with him. Last night as I went to check on her before I went to sleep (that was one of those things that was hard when she was away, that ritual has been going on since forever and I feel disconcerted without it) he was happily sleeping on the floor beside her bed (which is where he goes after she’s fallen asleep and has loosened the death grip she has on him partly under the covers). I said to A. before we went to sleep, “all is right with the world”.

I’ve got lots to write about our trip to SF where we mostly went to museums and of course, ate lots of really good food! I’ll start writing them in the coming days and include the food pix we took. We had four full days (the travel days were completely consumed by the traveling, long, long days) there and took it easy. At least a lot easier than we did our first trip in 2006 where we did everything we could and exhausted ourselves. This time we spent some time every afternoon in our hotel room resting (me on the heating pad) before going out for an early dinner. Even so I had a day or two where I could barely get myself going again for dinner, but once I did the energy came back thankfully. It was a really great trip and I’m glad we finally got to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary (which was last year) this year (it was our 26th during the trip).


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