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Hospice time

I entered hospice this week. I signed the papers this week. I think this upset many people so I’m going to do a little explanation of what it means. The most important thing is it means that your drs. have signed off saying that there are no treatments left for your cancer. We knew that already but just got verbal confirmation of it. If I weren’t in the physical state I am in maybe I could do chemo but I really can’t handle it anymore. There is the part no one wants to talk about which is a 6 month or less time frame they think is left for my life. This all means nothing, I will live as long as I live, hopefully a long while. However LOL, I can be technically kicked out of the program but that’s unlikely.

Okay, so hospice makes more things covered by insurance. We can keep the same visiting nurse and the same physical therapist. I will get a new IV nurse for the pain infusion pump. They sent over a home health aide (the difference being that it’s an additional service whereas before it took away from insurance paid but limited visits from the PT and the home health nurse- with hospice those visits are unlimitedly included). Andy has now taken 3 months of unpaid leave of absence (please don’t ask about our finances, we will be fine) which helps immensely. So in general we at peace with our decisions.


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